5 Responses to Gallery

  1. awesome place to hang out !!!!!!!!!!! love your place !!

  2. Sally Ferree says:

    Jesse! I enjoyed seeing and hearing you perform again. Next best thing till I can see your show in person!…SF

  3. Brooke says:

    What is the guy’s name that plays the fiddle with Brazilbilly when Pappy is not there? He has a beard. I have searched everywhere but cannot find anything.

    • Rebecca says:

      His name is Josh Hedley aka Johnny Lasso aka Meat Johnson. He longer fills in with Brazilbilly, but has his own band. He is on a European tour this fall but when he is in Nashville he can be found playing at The Full Moon Saloon across the street from Robert’s.

  4. Todd Reid says:

    My wife and I came to Nashville to visit my brother and his family this weekend and told them to take us to see a classic Nashville honkytonk w/ good local music. They couldn’t have chosen a better place than Robert’s Western World. The Don Kelley Band and Brazilbilly were KILLER! I’m a drummer myself and knew that Nashville was full of incredible musicians who I might not have heard of and in the case of these two bands it was absolutely true. Even though the bar was filled w/ people from all walks of life everyone was friendly and obviously there just to have a good time and enjoy the music. I look fwd to our next visit to Nashville so we can go to Robert’s again and hear some more amazing music. Next time, we’ll eat there too.

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